January 9, 2024

Update Information (Ver1.0.5)

Thank you for enjoying "R-Type Final 3 Evolved". The update (Ver1.0.5) is now live.

In addition to the two player ships, PATROCLUS and HECTOR, this update adds new items for the "Pilot & War Record" mode, including a barbecue grill, a hammock, and so on. Plus, 22 new pilot outfits will be available. Please install the update and enjoy the game to the fullest.

New Player Ships, Items, and Pilot Outfits

This update adds two new transformable player ships that can switch between humanoid and flying forms.
Also, items that can be placed on the pilot screen ("Pilot & War Record" mode) and pilot outfits have been added.



A barbecue grill

hammock and sand castle

▼A barbecue grill, hammock, and sand castle have been added

22 types of pilot outfits have been added▼22 types of pilot outfits have been added

We hope you will continue to enjoy "R-Type Final 3 EVOLVED".

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