"R-Type Final 3 Evolved"
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What is "R-Type Final 3 Evolved" ?

About the game

"R-Type Final 3 Evolved" is a side-scrolling shooter game in which players control the "R-Craft," a dimensional fighter developed by humanity, and battle against the "Bydo," deformed life forms.
The strategic nature of responding to enemies attacking from all directions by attaching the "Force" back and front, and the exhilaration of destroying many enemies with the "Wave Cannon" that requires recharging are what make this shooter game different.

A wide range of difficulty levels are available for both those who are not good at shooters and those who excel.
The game also features more than 20 stages and over 100 player ships, making it playable for a long time.
In addition, many elements other than shooting, such as aircraft and pilot customization, Metaverse and My Room, where players can get together, are also available.
Please give it a try once and find your own way to enjoy it.

History of the "R-Type" Series

"R-Type" is a side-scrolling shooter that first appeared as an arcade game in 1987.
The high-power "Wave Cannon," which can be charged to fire, and the "Force," a combined offensive and defensive weapon that can be attached back and front, attracted a lot of attention at the time for its innovative game system.
The presence of "Bydo," oddly shaped life forms that are a mixture of living creatures and machines, and the difficulty level so challenging that it requires players to memorize the patterns of their enemies and build a strategy are what make the game distinctive.

"R-Type" has been made into a series, and "R-Type II (Arcade)", "R-Type III (Super NES)", and "R-Type Delta (PlayStation®2)" were released as sequels after the first game, and in 2003, "R-Type Final (PlayStation®2)" was released as the final title of the series, bringing the history of "R-Type" to a close.
hen, on April 29, 2021, "R-Type Final 2" was released, and after 18 years, the battle against the "Bydo" broke out.
"R-Type Final 3 Evolved" is a shooter game for PlayStation®5 based on "R-Type Final 2" and designed to evolve further "R-Type".

How Does It Differ from "R-Type Final 2" ?

"R-Type Final 3 Evolved" contains all the elements in "R-Type Final 2" and incorporates exclusive elements made available by PlayStation®5.
New elements include seven exclusive new stages, "R Park," a place for players to interact with other players, and "My Room," the player's own room.

* For more information about "R-Type Final 2", please click here (official website).

* DLC (additional content) is not included in the base game. For more information, please click here.