"R-Type Final 3 Evolved"
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Pre-Sortie Preparation
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Competitive Stages

In the "Competition" section of the title menu, players can play "competitive stages", competing with other players for scores in real time.
This page will explain the rules of the competitive stage, how to set up a session (room), and how to participate.

*Multiplayer in competitive stages will go live with a future update.

Rules for Competitive Stages

In the competitive stage, play continues until everyone is out or someone clears the stage, with restrictions imposed such as zero remaining craft, no continue, and no special weapon use. The final score at the end of the stage determines the ranking of the players.

Note that, exceptionally in competitive stages, you can claim "Rpt (R-points)" or "development resources" for each certain distance traveled.

How to Create Session

In the "Create Session" tab under the "Competition", you can create a session with any conditions and recruit other participants.
You can set the stage difficulty, maximum number of players, and limit ships to be used.
You can also change the session's name, so give it a name that will make other players want to join.

How to Participate in A Session

In the "Find Game" tab under the "Competition", you can search for and join a session created by another player.
When searching, you can specify criteria, and sessions that match those criteria will be displayed, from which you can pick one to join.
Once the player who has set up the session starts the game, the game begins.

Screen During Battle

During a battle in the competitive stage, the opponents' ships will appear on the screen as ghosts.
Watching other players' moves may give you new discoveries.
The names, scores, and survival status of participants, including yourself, are shown and updated in the upper left corner of the screen.
You can change the player name displayed here from "Pilot & War Record".
Icons in the lower left corner of the screen show players who have been eliminated from the battle.

Single-player Mode in Competitive Stages

In the "Play" tab under the "Competition", you can play solo practice under the same conditions as in the competitive stages where you compete with other players.
Practice, hone your skills, and show other players what you can do.