"R-Type Final 3 Evolved"
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Pre-Sortie Preparation
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Armament Power-Ups

In the stage, you can strengthen your ship's armament by acquiring certain items.
You will gain a greater advantage over your enemies by advancing in armament enhancement.
This section describes the possible armament power-ups during the shooting mode.

A missile boasting overwhelming destructive power, "Balmung"

One of the strongest Bit devices, "Psy Bit +"

Power-Up Items

Destroy POW Armor to reveal all kinds of Power-up Items.

Laser Crystal Items

Impervious life forms known as Force will appear from outside the screen when acquired.
You can combine Force with your craft.
There are three types of Laser Crystals, each fires a unique type of laser.

Missile Items

Allows you to fire Missiles when acquired.
Can be powered up twice.
The type of attack and strength differs depending on the Missile you have equipped.

Bit Items

Equip a Bit you've acquired and it will protect your craft.
You can equip up to two Bits on the top and bottom of your craft.
A Bit will deal damage to enemies it touches.
The type of attack and strength differs depending on the Bit you have equipped.

Other Items - Stages with Branching Paths

"Small-scale transport vessel junction" may appear in some stages.
Although acquiring the crystals released by the "junction" does not power up your aircraft, the storyline will diverge depending on what crystals you get, and the next stage you advance to will change.
See for yourself what stage you will be led to.