"R-Type Final 3 Evolved"
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You can set the difficulty level when launching into a stage.
If you are not good at shooter games because they are too difficult or, on the contrary, if you want more of a challenge, try changing the difficulty level.
This section describes the types of difficulty and detailed settings.

Basic Difficulty Level

There are five basic difficulty levels when launching into a stage.

・KIDS … Somewhat easy
・NORMAL … Standard
・HARD … Somewhat difficult
・R-TYPER … Difficult

Unlike the other difficulty levels, the fighter on the PRACTICE level starts and respawns with an Lv 1 Force and can use the "SLOW" function.
Clearing a particular stage on the highest difficulty level will release an even higher difficulty level.

Difficulty Advanced Settings

Pressing the Difficulty Advanced Settings on the difficulty selection screen will lead you to more detailed settings.
In the advanced settings, you can make settings for the following options, for example:

・Set Remaining Craft
You can change the number of ships remaining until the GAME OVER.

・Use of Special Weapons
Prevents you from using Special Weapons during Dose Break.

Apply the support features to reduce the difficulty or apply restrictions to increase the difficulty and customize the game to your abilities.
Also, the higher the level of difficulty, the more bonuses are added to "Rpt (R-Points)" and "development resources" that you can claim by clearing stages.

Feel free to change the difficulty level to suit your playing style.

You will need special items to activate some settings.
Tickets can be purchased at the "Shop".

Here are some examples of available tickets.

・Arms Warranty Ticket
You will be able to resume with the power-ups you had when you failed the stage.

・Wave Acceleration Ticket
It reduces the time to charge the Wave Cannon.