"R-Type Final 3 Evolved"
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MODE: Stage & Score Attack
Check Stage Information, Score Attack

Start the game from "Start Game" and clear at least one stage to unlock the "Stage & Score Attack" mode.
This page shows you what you can do in the "Stage & Score Attack" mode.

Check Stage Information

In the "Stage & Score Attack" mode, cleared stages are registered in a list, and you can view information such as the number of stage completions and the ships used when scoring high marks.
You can also edit the name of the stage as you like.
Please edit the stage names as you see fit.

Score Attack Mode

Stages registered in "Stage & Score Attack" allow you to set the difficulty level freely and the ship you want to use, then go on to challenge the Score Attack.
Your ship will start the stage with full power-ups (Lv 3 Force, Lv 2 Missile, and 2 Bit Devices).
You can choose from red, blue, and yellow lasers to equip.

Note that "continue" is not allowed in the Score Attack.

Original Course Edit

You can create your original course by rearranging stages registered in "Stage & Score Attack" in any order. Editing of the original course will be unlocked after completing the Final Mission from "Start Game".
The total score of the original course is recorded as "Overall Results" and can be registered in the world ranking along with the original course information.
*The ranking feature will go live with a future update.