"R-Type Final 3 Evolved"
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Acquiring the "Laser Crystal Item" will bring forth an invincible life form called "Force," acting as both a defensive tool and means of offense.
Depending on the type of your craft, there are different types of Force you can equip.


Laser Crystals can grow a Force up to three stages.
A Force absorbs enemy shots and deals damage to enemies it touches.

Detachment/ Attachment

The Force can be detached at any time with a button operation.
When detached, the Force will attack independently.
Strength and attack type differs depending on the Force you have equipped.

You can call the Force back when detached, and it will reattach itself to your craft.
You can also attach the Force to the rear of your craft.


Once grown, the Force will fire its own laser when attached.

There are three types of laser that can be fired depending on the Laser Crystal.
[Red Laser] is effective on enemies in front.
[Blue Laser] is effective on enemies in a diagonal direction.
[Yellow Laser] is effective on enemies either above or below.

Attach the Force to the front or rear of your craft to go on the attack or fly defensively depending on the situation.