"R-Type Final 3 Evolved"
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Each dimensional fighter is equipped with a powerful attack weapon called a "Wave Cannon".
The Wave Cannon is extremely powerful, rounding up multiple enemies and inflicting significant damage against mighty Bydo.
This page is about the Wave Cannon.

"Decoy Wave Cannon III" fired by R-9AD3

"Giga Wave Cannon" fired by R-9Ø2

Wave Cannon

Hold the shot button to charge energy.
The amount of energy charged is displayed in the Wave Cannon gauge, and releasing the button will fire a strong Wave Cannon blast.

You can fire a stronger Wave Cannon blast by charging it longer.
Strength and attack type differs depending on the Wave Cannon you have equipped.

Enhanced Wave Cannon

Holding the shot button for longer will give you two charges.
Releasing the button will fire an even stronger Wave Cannon blast.

There are Wave Cannons that are able to collect more charges.