"R-Type Final 3 Evolved"
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Main Menu
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Pre-Sortie Preparation
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MODE: Data & Gallery
Battle Stats & Data Checks, Pilot Customization

You can check your battle records in the "Data & Gallery" section of the title menu.
This page explains the submenus in the mode.
As the game progresses, you will unlock a variety of data.

R Museum

It is the museum of R-craft, where developed craft are lined up by lineage.
As explained on the "CRAFT PREPARATION" page, this is where new craft are developed and registered.
You can also view descriptions of the ships you have developed and information about the armaments that can be equipped.

With the button operation, you can switch between the bird's-eye and pilot's views.
You can change the background of the museum.
Once you visit R Museum and are about to exit, you will be presented with the option to switch museum background.

Pilot & War Record

This mode allows you to customize the pilot, i.e., the player's avatar, and see the various records you have achieved.
You can change your name, title, as well as the suit, helmet, and medals you wear.
Suits and helmets worn by pilots have the effect of increasing or decreasing the resources and Rpts earned when completing missions.
Let's purchase the equipment at the Shop and efficiently collect development resources and points.

Pilots are classified by rank and are promoted as they gain battle experience.
Let's go for the highest rank!

In addition, this mode also allows players to view the number of times they have cleared each stage and difficulty level, as well as the number of items they have acquired, the number of Bydo they have destroyed, and the ranking of the ships they have used.
Please see the Pilot & War Record when you want to know your current playing status.

You can customize not only your pilot but also the background of the "Pilot & War Record" menu.
Select "Edit Pilot and Craft" and "Select Background" or "Place Items" to make your space the way you want it.
The customizations you make can be registered to the World Ranking so that you can show them off to other pilots.
* The ranking feature will go live with a future update.

Bydo Lab

Bydo Lab is a laboratory that records data on the Bydo you have fought.
Once discovered, they are registered in the list, but at this point their names are still uncertain. After repeated battles, more detailed information will become available through further investigation.

Camera Bit that the R-9E series can equip with can also collect information on indestructible Bydo.